Donation Collected at SJACS 1973 Graduates

40th Anniversary


A group of 1973 graduates, organized by some F.5D classmates, met on April 13 -14 to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. While most alumni are living in Hong Kong, some participants were coming all the way from Canada and USA together with their families to attend this great event. The reunion activities started off on April 13 with a dim-sum lunch at Choi Wen Chuen, followed by a grand tour to the new school campus. The group of alumni was received by the principal, Mr. Paul Yeung and former principal, Mr. Sunny Chan. Mr. Yeung personally took the party around the facilities and gave a detailed presentation on the status and development of the new campus.

At dusk, all participants attended the Reunion Dinner Party held at the grand Manhattan Hill Club in Mei Foo. Mr. Paul Yeung, Mr. Sunny Chan, and former teachers Mr. Chi Tao Hsing, Mr. Lau Sum Chuen, Mr. Chan Shui Wah, and Mr. Peter Leung were the guests of honour. During the dinner, a slideshow consisting of choice photos from SJACS studentdays andrecent gatherings was presented, bringing back many good memories and moments of joy. The speeches made by the principals and teachers were full of wit and ever so refreshing. A touching moment came when Mr. Chi made a roll-call with a typed name list of the F.5D class prepared some 40 years ago, bringing tears of joy tomany present. The party went on with songs performed by Alkin Kwong Ching Wai, Simon Chu Yuk Man, Edward Wong Hon Chiu, and Stephen Eng Kwok Wai. As the evening drew to a close, the group had collected a donation of HK$12,800, as a token of support to the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation, which was immediately handed over to the Principal Mr. Yeung.

On April 14, some twenty classmates who refused to easily let go the reunion spirit carried on with another gathering for dim-sum lunch at the Cultural Centre, followed by a relaxing hiking trip in the Lamma Island. The walk brought the group through some small villages located near the shorelines of the island, which eventually led to the Rainbow Restaurant that offered refreshing cold beers and mouth-watering seafood, ending the 40th Anniversary on a cheerful note.  


By Stephen Hung, April 15, 2013







如果這四十年我們重頭再來,將會是怎樣的人生?相信有些人肯定不期然會想到這個問題,儘管這是個不可能實現的夢想。但有一件事我們仍然可以改變結果的 --- 就是重拾我們同學間的珍貴友誼,一個在半世紀前已建立了的、真摯無瑕的兄弟情!就讓我們四十年重逢的火焰保持下去,永不息滅;在未來的日子裏期待著更多的群體活動及歡愉的相聚 --- 無論在香港,抑或在美、加,甚至世界各地。