Speech Day of Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

It is the aim of the Foundation to extend its work to cover an increasing number of schools. The Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is one of the first to join the Foundation’s program.

This year is the 5th year after the school was first opened. Again, the Foundation is sponsoring a number of prizes to recognize and encourage students who have done well during the school year. This year’s ceremony was conducted in two sessions. Trustee Roger Lam went to the first session with Trustee William Hui on Saturday, 5th July, 2014. In the following session on the morning of Thursday, 10th July, 2014, Roger again represented the Foundation and attended with Trustee May Li as this year’s Speech Day’s Guests of Honor.

Similar to the first session on 5th, it was again a happy occasion well attended by students as well as parents. The ceremony started at 9.30 am sharp, with the singing of the school song.  Principal Mak Tin Chi welcomed everyone and went on to praise students’ efforts during the school year encouraging them to continue their good work in the St. Joseph family spirit. Awards were given out to various deserving students. These included the Foundation’s awards to encourage students to excel. Besides a certificate of merit, each award also included some book coupons. These prizes were given out by Roger and May to appreciative awardees.

This was followed by outstanding performances by students, including a drama, Putonghua recital, and violin performance. The ceremony marked the finish of another successful year for the School.