Congratulations, Class of ‘76!

On the evening of Saturday, 16th October, 2016, the Class of ’76, St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School held their 40th Anniversary party in a hotel in Wan Chai. Thanks to the organizing committee chaired by Daniel Lee Ka Leung, it was a truly grand occasion with some 70 classmates attending, some of whom had been apart since they left school. Including teachers and guests, there were almost 100 guests in total.

Needless to say, there was much catching up to be done. Immersed in wonderful Josephian family spirit, the classmates rejoiced over their reunion and were also thankful for the opportunity to see former teachers. Many in the Class of ’76 are well-known in the community, including Auxiliary Bishop Ha Chi Shing, movie director Chan Ka Sheung, Professor Johannes Chan and many others.

The MCs invited Daniel Lee on stage. He welcomed everybody and acknowledged teachers and guests present. Next, guests were invited to address the gathering. Peter Yeung, President of the Josephian Association was first to speak. He gave an update on the work of the alumni body, including its close ties with the Foundation. Representing the Foundation, Trustee Andrew Li followed, first conveying the Board of Trustees’ greetings and congratulations, before giving a brief introduction on the goals and work of the Foundation, ending with an appeal for their best support. Last to speak was Principal Poon of SJACS, who gave an update on the vast amount of work being done on school campus.

The guests were requested to draw a number of table prizes. The wine for the evening was sponsored by the Foundation – with the compliments of Andrew Li. The party was entertained to singing and music. It was a memorable party, lingering on till closing time.

Congratulations, Class of ’76! We are looking forward to your 45th Reunion party.