Foundation’s Annual Dinner 2016

Posted by Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation on Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Rev. Brother Paul Sun Education Foundation’s Annual Dinner 2016 was held on Tuesday, 26th July, at the Chinese Club, Central. It is a great pleasure to note that the number of guests, patrons and trustees who attended the event reached a record high this year, showing the increasing support and recognition of the Foundation’s work in the community. Our guest of honor for the evening was Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, the former Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong.

Guests started to arrive at 6.30 pm. After everyone was seated, Mr. Roger Lam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees began the evening’s program with a welcoming message. On behalf of the Foundation, he expressed gratitude to all donors for their continuous support and offered a recap of our main events in the past year, such as the extension of our University Scholarship Program and our new fundraising initiatives. Following his report, a sumptuous dinner commenced. The wine this year was again sponsored by Trustee Andrew Li, serving well a memorable party brimming with laughter and lively conversations.

During dinner, Mr. Isaac Li, the first awardee of the BPSF Law Scholarship, was invited to address the party. He spoke on the impact and benefits of the scholarship scheme and how it had inspired him in various aspects of his life. Next, Master Ho Chak Yin (a Bro. Paul Sun Young Scholar) and Master Law Chak Ka (a Primary 5 student of Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and an award winner in our program for his school) spoke in turn sharing their experience as beneficiaries of the Foundation’s work, while giving praise to their parents and teachers for the endless support and assistance given them in their scholarly pursuits.

At around 9:00 p.m., Professor Tsui, the Guest of Honor, was called upon to say a few words. Professor Tsui shared his experience in promoting Science education and his challenging work in “Our Hong Kong Foundation” and the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences (ASHK). Next to speak was a favorite son of St. Joseph’s, Professor KC Chan, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury. As a worthy alumnus of SJACS, Professor Chan recalled the good old days as a student under the care of the late Rev. Brother Paul Sun, when students could make their own pursuits freely as equals. He highlighted the underlying Josephian family spirit, which is to equalize opportunities for all and enable everyone to pursue excellence, regardless of family background or financial status.

This fine speech was followed by that of another Josephian, Dr. Gary Mak, a renowned cardiologist and the sponsor of the BPSF Medical Scholarship. Dr. Mak talked about the common health problems of Hong Kong people, including bad diet habits and lack of exercise. He was also glad to see the establishment of the Sports Scholarship sponsored by alumnus Richard Wong Tat-ming.

After a brief break, Mr. Matthias Li, the new Chief Executive of the Ocean Park Hong Kong was the next speaker. Mr. Li praised the growing achievements of BPSF in a few short years. To conclude the evening, Trustee Mr. Andrew Li gave the closing remarks, including a reminder to support the next major fund-raising function, being the annual Halloween party at the Ocean Park Hong Kong. Mr. Li also thanked all the sponsors and supporters of the Foundation. It is always a great pleasure to acknowledge donations. All in all, on this very occasion, the Foundation received some $50,000 in donations made by donors present that evening as well as others who were not able to attend, including Dr. Victor Hsue, Dr. Lai Kang Yiu, Dr. Edmund Lee, Mr. Vincent Cheung, Mr. Stephen Sheung, Mr. Ken Fan, Ms Kate Lam, Mr. Siu Moon Tong and Mr. Frank Lam. Our special thanks go to all of them.