Chairman's Speech at Foundation’s First Annual Dinner,

Sep 21, 2012


1.   Ladies and gentlemen, and Friends of the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation.


2.   On behalf of the trustees, I wish to welcome all of you to the first Annual Dinner of the Foundation.

3.   The Foundation was set up with the support of the Josephian Association on November 30, 2009, and we have just completed the first external audit of the Foundation’s accounts for the period ended June 30, 2011.

4.   We thought that it would be a good occasion to organize a dinner gathering with our friends and supporters so that we could provide a brief report on the Foundation, as well as thank all of you.

5.   Before further reporting, let me introduce other trustees of the Foundation, in case you have not met them before.  They include:
Mr. Ng Man Kin (‘81) and also Secretary
Mr. Roger Lam (‘82) and also Treasurer
Dr. Sammy Chen (‘95)
Mr. William Hui (‘01)
Mr. Lee Hon Keung (‘72)
Mr. Andrew Li (‘72)
Mr. Peter Yeung (‘75), also the Chairman of the Josephian Association

6.   I would also like to acknowledge a number of other important members of the Foundation here.  Firstly, our Honorary Advisors, they include:
Mr. Irving Koo, Supervisor of SJACS
Mr. Paul Yeung, Principal of SJACS
Ms. Lee Choi Yin, Supervisor of SJACPS
Ms. Kwok Wan, Principal of SJACPS
However, 2 other Advisors are not here today:
Mr. Matthew Poon (Class ‘65), President of Toronto Alumni Association
Mr. Francis Lau (Class’ 72), Representative of the Alumni in US West

7.   I would also like to acknowledge and thank:
Our Honorary Legal Advisor, Mr. Godwin Ng (Class ‘72)
Our Honorary Auditor, BDO Limited, represented by Partner Mr. Daniel Lee (Class ‘76) and Senior Manager Ms. Amy Law

8.   With the pro-bono service support of Aon Hewitt Associates, an international management consulting firm, last year, we have formalized the vision and mission for the Foundation.
The vision of the Foundation is to become a leading education charity, making quality education accessible to all and inspiring our young to achieve excellence.

9.   Our mission is to continue the spirit and legacy of the late Rev. Bro. Paul Sun (Founder of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School), in promoting quality education to our young and encourage the achievement of excellence.

10.   Since the formation of the Foundation, the Trustees have been very active in raising funds for the Foundation.  A number of fund raising activities, including boat cruise, book sale, dinner gatherings and wine tasting, have been organized.

11.   But a more prominent fund raising initiative was our 4 Speakers’ Forum events, and many of you have, indeed, participated in these events.  Our guest speakers have included Dr. Allan Zeman, Father of LKF and Chairman of Ocean Park, Professor K.C. Chan (Secretary of Financial Services & the Treasury and Class ‘74), Mr. Francis Kwok (Director of Marketing, Bright Smart Securities) and Professor Johannes Chan (Dean of HKU Law Faculty and Class ‘76).

12.   As of August 31, 2012, we have already raised more than $1.4 million for the Foundation.  On behalf of the trustees, I wish to thank all of you, our other alumni (including those from overseas), the Josephian Association and many other friends of the Foundation for the generous support and donation.

13.   Our first project is to raise $1.5 million for our mother school, SJACS, in support of the new campus and new student programmes.  So far, we have donated $1.1 million to the School.

14.   In recognition of the Foundation’s support and in memory of our late Rev. Bro. Paul Sun, the School named the new School Hall as Rev. Brother Paul Sun Memorial Hall on March 19, this year’s St. Joseph’s Day.

15.   The Foundation has also provided funding support to the Primary School for its school magazine publication ($25k) and the tuition support ($30k) for a primary 4 student, because of the change in his family situation.

16.   Our latest project is the establishment of the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation Scholarship Scheme for the Secondary School this year.  With the donation support of a number of our alumni, 5 scholarships (of $10,000 each) would be awarded to those students who have been admitted by a university in Dentistry, Medicine, Law, Accounting and Engineering.

17.   The Scheme is already available to the students who have just graduated from the School.  It is our understanding that there would be at least 3-4 students eligible for these scholarships.

18.   We must thank our alumni donors for the Scholarship Scheme, as the donor of each scheme has committed to an annual donation amount of $10,000 for the next 5 years.
They include: Dr. Gary Leung (Class ‘80), Dr. Gary Mak (Class ‘75), Mr. Ng Man Kin, Mr. Andrew Wu (Class ‘69), Mr. Peter Yeung and Mr. Daniel Cheng (Class ‘75).

19.   We would continue to organize more activities, not only for fund raising, but also providing opportunities for our alumni and friends to get together.  Based on the success of the Speakers’ Forum, we would be launching the Mini Speakers’ Forum series.  They would be basically talks given by our Alumni on subjects that are of personal interest to us all.

20.   Since it is a Mini Forum, it would be a lot cheaper.  Instead of charging $2,800 per person, each participant of the mini Speakers’ Forum event will only be asked to make a minimum donation of $100.  Students are all free.  In fact, we hope to see more people benefit from those Forum series.

21.   The first such talk, titled “Sudden Cardiac Death during exercise – Is this avoidable?”, would be given by Dr. Gary Mak, President of the Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences (Class ‘75).  It would be held on October 6, from 3-4pm at Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall.  Please do come and join us.

22.   As at August 31, 2012, the Foundation had about $320,000 cash.  But we still have $400,000 donation commitment to the School, which we hope to fulfill in 2013, and also the scholarships to hand out.  So, your continuous generous donation and participation of our different fund raising activities will be greatly appreciated.

23.   By the way, all trustees are volunteers and there is no admin cost in running the Foundation.  So, basically all your donations go to the projects.

24.   But we do rely on a lot of volunteers and helpers, and some of them are here today.  And, I would also like to thank them as well.

25.   There are copies of the audited accounts on each table.  Please feel free to ask any of the trustees or even our honorary auditor, BDO Limited, if you have any questions.  Daniel and Amy, thank you for extending the audit services for our Foundation on a pro-bono basis.

26.   I could continue thanking people.  But I suppose that I should stop now; otherwise, we would never have time for dinner.

27.   However, I must share one last point.  The wine and dinner tonight have been sponsored by two alumni.  I should definitely have to thank them. So, there is no charge for attending this dinner.  But if you do wish to make a donation, we are more than pleased to accept.  Finally, do enjoy and have a great evening.  Thank you.