Chairman's Report


June 2013


Dear Patrons,


For the past fiscal year, I am very pleased to report the following key activities:


i)We completed the last of the 4 Speakers’ Forum events on Feb 16, 2012, with our fellow schoolmate (Class of ‘76), Professor Johannes Chan (Dean of Law Faculty, University of Hong Kong) as our speaker.  It was very well attended, and we raised almost $150,000.


ii)We have since launched the new Mini Speakers’ Forum series.

The main focus of the Mini Speakers’ Forum is to have more people, particularly students, participate and benefit from the Speakers’ Forum events.

While it is also a fund raising activity, it is a lot more affordable than the Speakers’ Forum.  It costs a minimum donation of $100 only, and students are free, while the Speakers’ Forum costs $2,800 each.  


We have held two Mini Speakers’ Forum events already.  One by Dr. Gary Mak (Class of ’75) and the other by Mr. Edward Lai (Class of ‘69).  Both were very well received.  Thank you Gary and Edward again.


I should also thank Principal Paul Yeung for providing Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall as the venue and Principal Kwok Wan for helping raise funds from the primary school parents and students.


iii)No doubt, the key achievement of the Foundation since our last report is that the Foundation has completed its commitment of raising $1.5m for the Secondary School.  We made the last payment of $400,000 in March this year.  To this end, I should thank all the donors for supporting the Foundation in completing this first project.  Essentially, we finished this task in about 3 years (our Foundation was set up in November 2009).


iv)We have also set up the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Education Foundation Scholarship Scheme for the Secondary School with the support of many alumni.  The purpose of this scheme is to provide more incentives to the secondary students to achieve academic excellence.


When it was set up in 2012, there were only 6 scholarships of $10,000 each.  They include:


-Accounting (by Andrew Wu, Class ‘69)

-Dentistry (by Dr. Gary Leung, Class ‘80)

-Engineering (by Peter Yeung and Daniel Cheng, Class ‘75)

-Law (by Ng Man Kin, Class ‘81)

-Medicine (by Dr. Gary Mak, Class ‘75)

-General Excellence (by the Foundation itself)


Indeed, for academic year 2011/2012, three scholarships were awarded to three students.  They include:


-Law (CU) – Issac Li Chak Hon

-Engineering (HKUST) – Cheung Ka Ho

-General Excellence (HKU) – Gabriel Gallardo


For 2012/2013, 3 more scholarships have been added, increasing the total to 9.  They are:


-Pharmacy (by Victor Law of Los Angeles, USA, Class ‘69) Business Studies (by John Hui, also of LA, Class ‘72)


All the donors have made a commitment to donate $10,000 every year for 5 years for this scholarship scheme.  On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to thank all of the scholarship sponsors.


v)Last September, we reported that the Foundation had provided financial assistance (about $30,000) to a P.4 Student of SJACPS to help pay for his tuition because of his family situation.  We have reviewed a similar request for the coming academic year, and have agreed to further provide the tuition support to this student, on the recommendation of the School Principal.


vi)The Trustees have recently met with the Principal and Supervisor of the Primary School, and discussed how the Foundation could be of further support to the Primary School.  We are pleased to advise that the Foundation has agreed to the following initiatives:


a)Starting 2013, provide a number of Academic Awards (totaling $6,000) and Service Awards (totaling $6,000) for all levels of the Primary School annually;

b)Starting 2013, provide a $10,000 scholarship for the top boy entering SJACS annually; and,

c)Raise $300,000 for their E-learning project, including the setting up of a Wi-Fi network for the School.


Again, we cannot do all these without the help and support of all of you, our fellow alumni (including those from overseas), the Josephian Association, principals, supervisors, teachers, the Secondary School Students Association, and friends and supporters of the Foundation.  I would, on behalf of this Foundation, sincerely thank all of you for your generosity.


I would again point out that all trustees are volunteers and there is no administration cost in running the Foundation.  So, basically all your donations go directly to the beneficiaries and the projects.


Other than the trustees, we do rely on a lot of volunteers and helpers, and I would also like to thank them as well.


I would also like to report that I would be completing my 2-year term as the Chairman as of June 30, 2013.  I would like to thank all the other trustees for the support accorded me throughout.  Our next Chairman is Roger Lam.  I am sure that he would take the Foundation to a higher level.


Ad astra!


Matthias Li


June 2013