July 17, 2015

Dear Bishop Ha, Supervisors, Principals, Patrons, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take advantage of this platform to report on what the Foundation has been doing since our last update. Thanks to the guidance of our advisors and the support of our trustees and many volunteers, the Foundation, a new charitable trust founded in Nov 2009, has been making steady progress and has been gaining recognition in the community in the six years since its founding.

This year we have one new face on our Board of Trustees - Mr. Aaron Ho, SJACS graduate of 1973.

I am happy to report the following developments.

SJACPS new e-education initiatives

We have successfully completed the second fund raising target HK$ 301K for SJACPS, in support of its new e-education initiatives.

University Scholarship Program

I am happy to announce TWO more new scholarships were set up for SJACS DSE graduates. One is ‘73 F.5D Alumni scholarship in the amount of HKD30,000 sponsored by a group of graduates from Form 5 D class, 1973 and one scholarship in Art/Design in the amount of HKD10,000 sponsored by Mr. Simon Ma, a graduate of SJACS from the 90s. We now in total have eleven scholarships for SJACS graduates entering into Universities of different disciplines.

I am also proud to announce that tonight, a total of 10 awards have been granted in the presence of Auxiliary Bishop Joseph HA, who is also a graduate of SJACS. May I wish all scholarship recipients bright and rewarding futures.

A Roll of Honors is expected to be put up in the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall that will display - for all to see - the names of the various scholars and the awards won with the help of SJACS management. The obvious aim is to instill a sense of pride in academic achievement and to encourage students to follow such fine examples – true to the school motto: Ad Astra!

Brother Paul Sun Young Scholar Scheme

In addition, we have set up Brother Paul Sun Young Scholar Scheme to encourage Primary Six students with distinguished academics and conduct pursuing Form one places in SJACS. This is the second year. The awards went to Mr. KU Chi Kit from SJACPS and Mr. NG Lok Hei from Kowloon Bay St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School. We expect to see more awards this year.

Non-Academic and Financial Assistance

We also set up Scholarship for Non-Academic and Financial Assistance Scheme to diversify our scope.

Reaching Out Further Afield

Guided by the ideals of the late Rev. Brother Paul Sun, the Board of Trustees is following a policy to extend the coverage of the Foundation’s work to more schools in need. New programs, meanwhile, have started with schools in the vicinity.

BPSF Primary School Scheme

After October 2015, we will see two more schools joining. They are Price Memorial Catholic Primary School and St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School (Kwun Tong). The results so far have been rather encouraging with no lack of positive feedback from the schools, teachers, students and parents involved. Two sheets of “Words of Thanks from the Students” are placed on the table for your kind reference. All the Trustees are deeply touched and motivated!

Indeed, the name of the Foundation is spreading further. This year we will see that the circulation of annual newsletter will reach the mark of 7,000. Special thanks here to the Editorial Board which is under the direction of our Chief Editor, Mr. Lester Chan. The Foundation is ready to double its speed of expansion should the Diocese think that it is good to go forward to work with more schools and cover more young hearts.

Free EyeGlass Services for Needy Students

Eyeland Co. offers free eyeglass services for needy students from the schools under Foundation’s sponsorship.

New Fund Raising Initiatives

In order to support the Foundation’s various initiatives and provide more help to the needy, we have been very active in fund raising. We have organized many functions, including Charity Mahjong Tournament and Charity Wine Dinner: The Bounties of South Australia in Ocean Park , both in the first quarter of 2015. They have been big successes. These activities not only helped the Foundation raise funds but also offered opportunities for alumni and their families and friends to re-connect.

I expect that 2015-16 would be another busy and challenging year for the Foundation. Among our plans, we are contemplating launching a new series of Charity Speakers’ forum with the first one to be held on October 6, 2015. We have the honour to have Professor TSUI Lap Chee (ex Vice Chancellor of HKU) as our keynote speaker. Please come and join!

To increase our communications with Josephians and our supporters, we will post our activities and news in the Josephian Association Facebook group, on our website ( and on BPSF Facebook page ( on regular basis.

Also, we will organize some social activities for our supporters. The first one will be the 慈山寺 visit.

While your donation support is important, the Foundation would also need more volunteers and Trustee Li Hon Keung is coordinating the recruitment effort. Please do come forward to offer your assistance and contact Li Hon Keung.

I am very much looking forward to reporting further progress in my update next year. Meanwhile, on behalf of all the trustees, may I wish everyone a happy, healthy and fruitful Year!

God bless!

Roger LAM
Board of Trustees