September 22, 2014

Dear Patrons, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been already more than a year since I was elected to serve as the Chairman of the Foundation.  Many things have happened during this time especially 2014 is the Foundation 5th year birthday.  I would like to take advantage of this platform to report on what the Foundation has been doing.  Indeed, thanks to the support of our trustees and many volunteers, the Foundation, a new charitable trust founded in Nov 2009, is meanwhile continuing to make steady progress.

There are some changes in the Boards of Trustees and Advisors during the year.  Mr. Matthias Li, the second Chairman of the Foundation, had resigned from the Board. On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matthias for his significant contribution at the early stage of the Foundation.  However, We have FOUR new faces added to our Board of Trustees namely Mr. Fred Wu, Mr. Stephen Sheung, Mr. Russ Ko and Mrs. May Li (the first lady in our board) since then. On the other hand, I am pleased to report that Mr. Matthias Li (ex-Chairman) and Mr. Kenneth Chan, the retired School Principal of St. Joseph’s Anglo Chinese School (“SJACS”), has agreed to become Honorary Advisors of the Foundation.

I am happy to report the following development.

We have successfully completed the first fund raising target HK$ 1.5 million for SJACS, in support of adding facilities for the new campus and the development of new incentive programs for our younger brothers in 2013.

University Scholarship Program

Among the very first projects initiated by the Rev. Brother Paul Sun Education Foundation is a University Scholarship Program for students of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School, founded by the late Rev. Brother Paul Sun. In line with the Foundation’s objective to encourage academic excellence, this program is designed to reward young Josephians who are able to achieve good results enabling them to secure enrolment in a university to pursue certain disciplines. Each award is HK$10,000 in cash. The various scholarships and the respective sponsors are listed below:


Scholarship Title

Name of Sponsor

General Excellence



Mr. Andrew Wu (‘69)

Business Studies (2 awards)

Mr. John Hui (‘72)


Dr. Gary Leung (‘80)


Messrs. Peter Yeung (‘75) and Daniel Cheng (‘75)


Mr. Ng Man Kin (‘81)


Dr. Gary Mak (‘75)


Mr. Victor Law (‘69)


Each year, applications are invited from graduating students. Each applicant is required to submit a short essay introducing himself and describing how he would help the Foundation in future, supported by letters of recommendation from teachers. Candidates are then selected for interview by a panel of judges constituted by two trustees and one donor. Since its introduction in the academic year 2011-12, the following awards have been made:


Academic Year

Scholarship Awarded

Name of Winner

University Entered


General Excellence

Gabriel Gallardo

University of Hong Kong



Li Chak Hon

Chinese University of Hong Kong



Cheung Ka Ho

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Wong Cheuk Hang

University of Hong Kong


There is an annual scholarship award presentation ceremony on campus to honor the successful candidates in the presence of the entire school. Each is awarded a Certificate of Honor and a cheque for HK$10,000. A Roll of Honors will soon be put up in the Rev. Bro. Paul Sun Memorial Hall that will display - for all to see - the names of the various scholars and the awards won. The obvious aim is to instill a sense of pride in academic achievement and to encourage students to follow such fine examples – true to the school motto: ad astra!


Brother Paul Sun Young Scholar Scheme

In addition, WE have set up Brother Paul Sun Young Scholar Scheme to encourage Primary Six students with distinguished academic and conduct pursuing Form ONE places in SJACS. The first award went to Mr. NG CHUN WING from SJACPS in 2013-2014. We expect to see more awards this year.


$300K Donation to SJACPS and Others

With the strong support of our School Principals, teachers, alumni, including not only those in Hong Kong but also overseas (Toronto, Vancouver and  US West) and friends of the Foundation, I am very pleased to announce that We have finished the second project being HKD300K to SJACPS to support the primary school’s E-Education initiatives in August 2014. We also set up Scholarship for Non-Academic and Financial Assistance Scheme to diversify our scope.


Reaching Out Further Afield

Guided by the ideals of the late Rev. Brother Paul Sun, the Board of Trustees is following a policy to extend the coverage of the Foundation’s work to more schools. New programs, meanwhile, have been started with schools such as Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School. The result so far has been rather encouraging with no lack of positive feedback from the schools, teachers, students and parents involved. Indeed, the name of the Foundation is spreading, and the Board is, therefore, encouraged to go forward to work with more schools. Again, thanks to the introduction by Advisor Mr. Paul Yeung, the Foundation contacted the Choi Wan St. Joseph’s Primary School, Choi Wan Estate, Clear Water Bay Road and St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School, Lam Tin in July.



New Fund Raising Initiatives

WE have identified another HKD1.5M as new fund raising target. The Foundation has been very active in fund raising.  We have organized many functions, including a boat cruise and Halloween party in Ocean Park in 2013. They have been big successes. These activities not only helped the Foundation raise funds but also offered opportunities for alumni and their families and friends to re-connect themselves.

I expect that 2014-15 would be another busy year for the Foundation. Amongst them, we are contemplating launching a big meeting forum for over 1,000 participants and the “Distinguished Alumni Award” Scheme for our Four beneficiary Schools.

Also, we have set up an editorial board with Mr. Lester Chan as the honorary editor in chief. To increase our communications with Josephians and our supporters, we will post our activities and news in JA Facebook, our website ( and BPSF Facebook page on regular basis.

If anyone tonight would like to make a donation (An Education Is A Gift Forever), please see May, the Treasurer. She has got the receipts (tax-exempt) ready.

While your donation support is important, the Foundation would also need more volunteers and Trustee Li Hon Keung is coordinating the recruitment effort.  Please do come forward to offer your assistance and contact Li Hon Keung.

I am very much looking forward to reporting further progress in my next year update.  Meanwhile, on behalf of all the trustees, may I wish everyone a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year!



Roger LAM


Board of Trustees