Ko Sheung Yan, Russ 高上人
Russ was a F.5 graduate of SJACS in 1992 and he went on to complete matriculation in 1995. He was Class Perfect in both F.4A and F.5A with Mr. Yim Chun Leung as Form teacher. During his matriculation, he was the chairman of the SJACS student association and he was awarded the Queen's Scout Award. Russ then continued his tertiary education in Canada. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, majoring in Communication. He is also a Registered Financial Planner (RFP). Russ returned to Hong Kong in 2000, and began his career in the advertising industry where he sharpened his creative mind. During the early stage of his career, he worked on over 50 well-known property projects in Hong Kong and China. In 2005, Russ moved to the finance and wealth management industry. He is currently an independent financial advisor; he mainly works on personal wealth management, e.g. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, and also corporate finance. In 2009, he was the vice chairman of Professional Wealth Management Association (HK).
Russ organized football and basketball competitions for the Foundation in 2010 to raise funds. The football competition was considered as a success since it attracted nearly 200 Josephians to participate.Also, he has been acting as the function chairman for the Josephian annual dinner since 2011. Currently, Russ is the Vice Chairman of The Josephian Association Limited.