About Rev. Bro. Paul Sun


Reverend Brother Paul Sun (20 November 1907 - 13 March 1986), the founder supervisor and the first principal of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School, lived a life of Catholic faith, hope and love, and dedicated his life to educating the young.  He was born in Jehol (now Inner Mongolia).  He devoted his life to Christ as a Brother Disciple of the Society of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at 19 years of age.  After graduating from the Catholic University of Peking, he followed his calling as an educator.  In 1940, he was elected the Superior General of the Society.  He endured hardships in northern China until 1948 when he had to leave his beloved native land.  He continued his mission in education and founded a school in Indonesia.  In 1952, he taught at La Salle College, Hong Kong and acted as a warden.  With the support of the De La Salle Brothers, the Marist Brothers and others, in 1958, he established St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School in a small old villa, starting with 455 boys.  For a few years, the school ran three sessions until the new premises were built in 1967.  In 1971, he was honoured as an Affiliate of the De La Salle Brothers.  Before returning to the Lord, he learned that his beloved villa would be redeveloped into a modern primary school and a parish church.  He won the admiration and respect of his peers.  He put St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School under the special patronage of St. Joseph, and instilled in us, his boys, the St. Joseph Family Spirit.

As the ever-benevolent Brother Paul aimed high and excelled, the school motto, Ad Astra, Latin for “To the stars”, encourages all of us who have worn the school badge to aim high and excel.

Reverend Brother Paul, we all love you.